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About Satwave Technologies, Inc.
Your Comprehensive Broadband and IT Solutions

Satwave Technologies, Inc.(STi) was established in 2007 with the express goal to facilitate and support domestic and foreign situated satellite integration projects.

Satwave Technologies Inc. is focused upon three (3) specific market segments:  
I. Satellite Commercial Broadcasting Market:
To provide sales and support for the broadcasting needs of domestic and international companies operating in the United States and other countries.

II. SatCom Military Market:
To provide sales and support for the defense needs. Solutions from X and Ka-band antennas to RF and IF transmission equipment and systems.

III. IT Product VAR:
To provide sales and support as a value added reseller for local government and businesses as well as for the individual companies seeking IT system solutions.






Mission Statement   tophome - company profile - partners - press

Satwave Technologies, Inc. (STi) is a customer focused, and service oriented firm committed to taking care of people.

STi seeks to efficiently provide IT/Satellite products and services to the public, and establish purchasing channels to meet competitive prices in helping its customers' bottom line without compromise in product or service qualities.

STi will treat its suppliers by following the highest ethical standards, equip its employees with current knowledge, and provide them with superior employee benefits in the industry.



Company Profile   tophome - mission - partners - press  

Here are partial lists of Satwave Technologies' successful projects:

STX Engine
Amplifier Systems, and Repairs

Various Military Projects
RF Components and Ka, and X-band HPA Systems
Block Converters, PLDROs, Waveguides, Modems,
Switches, RF Components, FAX Software Development, Rejection Filters, Waveguides, Converters, and etc

GPS and Beacon Receivers
1.2QDA Antenna Systems
Noise Generators
Microwave Accessories and Waveguides

SSPA, Waveguide, Feed Windows, Modulators, SNG Antennas, 2.4m Antennas, LNBs, Spec. An, 6.3m Antenna System, Waveguides, and Power Supplies

4.8m Ka-band Antenna parts, TWTs,
Converters, Redundant Switch Systems
Modems, and LNAs

LNBs, GPS receivers, GPS Time Server, Converters, and Antenna Parts

Converter Switch, 4.5m Antenna Systems, and LNBs

Hanwha (formerly Samsung Thales)
Modulators, Modems, Amplifier, UHF Antennas, Repairs, TWTA Repairs, Pelican Cases, Cables and other Satcom parts

Korea Basic Science Institute

6.3m Antenna Systems, and Antenna Parts

BDCs, Repairs, Waveguides, Equalizers, Frequency Simulators, Amplifiers, Line Drivers, and RF parts

Antenna Systems, Waveguides, and Antenna Parts

KT Skylife
Synthesized Converters, LNAs, LNBs, and UPCs & TLTs, Heliax Coaxial Cable Installations, 1.2M QDA, 4.8m Antenna Systems, and TWTA Parts, 1/3 Rack Block Down and Upconverters

4.5m Antenna Systems

LIG Nex-1

Power Supplies, Upconveters, Downconverters, Redundant Switch Over Systems, TWTA Spare Parts, 1.2QDA Antennas, Modems, 3.8m Antennas, LNAs, and Waveguides


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Satwave Technologies, Inc. partners with the following industry leaders to provide the best products and services possible (not in a particular order):


Communications & Power Industries

Sat-Lite Technologies, Inc.

  CPI (Formerly General Dynamics Mission Systems)

   Gilat RaySat

  Antennas for Communications  (Tallguide™)

 Comtech EF Data (Vipersat™)

 Norsat International Inc.

 Advanced Microwave Technologies, Inc.

 ST Engineering (formerly Newtec)

Modular Devices, Inc.

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