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Satwave Technologies Inc. offers several product lines that are designed to meet the needs and demands of every type and scale of business. The STi's difference is found in the both selection of the highest rated Satcom system on the market, and in the integration services and customer support our clients have quickly come to trust.  The most importantly, the customers rely on us as an accountable business partner.  Whatever the needs and size of your business might be, STi can offer solutions that simply work and work well.

Our Sample Product Line
Our product line can be organized into (6) essential categories (click on a product line or scroll down to see each product series or visit our partner links):

:: Earth Station
:: Encoder Systems & Control Products  
:: Fly Away Systems
:: VSAT Networks



Earth Station top - home
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6.3 Meter Systems
:: Antennas With Control Systems
:: Standard Earth Stations / Antennas With Auto Tracking Systems
:: Satellite Web-Cast Systems / Monitor And Control Systems

4.8 Meter Systems
:: Video Transmission Systems / MPEG IV-DVB-S2 Transmission Systems
:: Audio Broadcasting (Main Stations & Backup Stations)

2.4 Meter Systems
:: Satellite Telephone Systems / Video Conference Systems
:: Elevation-Over-Azimuth 2.4m Antenna Positioner (S, X/L Bands)





Encoder Systems & Control Products top - home

One of our DVB Encoders provides professional profile main level 4:2:2 compression standard. Housed in a 1 RU rack unit slim-line chassis, the E-1000 fully integrates with the CODICO® product platform.

The encoder is locally controlled from the Front Panel, using an extensive menu driven control and monitor program. It can also be remotely controlled by the CODICO® NMS-4000 Network Management System.

Model 970 series provides user friendly antenna control system along with the state of art DTR.  We use Miteq's uplink power controller systems, and converters.




DSNG top - home
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8 Ton Vehicle
:: 1.8 Meter Antenna / 2.4 Meter SNG Antenna
:: F450 Vehicle System

Shelter Systems
:: T1 Transmission System

Van System
:: News VAN System


Flyaway System top - home

:: 1.2 Meter Flyaway Antenna
:: Shock-Mount Rack
:: MPEG- ll DVB Encoder
:: Satellite Telephone
:: DVB CAS System
:: Internal cooling & Heating System





VSAT Networks top - home

Configuration A
:: TDMA Network
:: 512,1024Kbps Outbound
:: 64,128Kbps Inbound

Configuration B
:: TDMA Network
:: 45Mbps Outbound
:: 192Kbps Inbound







TWTA & SSPA top - home







Advantech SSPA
:: C-band Indoor
:: Ku-band Indoor
:: X-band Indoor

:: C-band Outdoor
:: Ku-band Outdoor
:: Ka-band Outdoor
:: X-band Outdoor














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