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Satwave Technologies Inc. currently offers three categories of professional services that provide reliable communication solutions for essential business applications. Let STi give your business the functional, reliable and secure information system that are key to daily operation.  We guarantee systems to run smoother and in a more efficient manner.

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:: Satellite Systems Integration
:: Repair and Return Services
:: Other IT Office Network Solutions



Satellite Systems Integration top - home

STi has an extensive system integration expertise. The experiences include indoor and outdoor hub or rack mount HPAs. Installed antenna control systems with various antenna sizes.  Align and trouble shoot signal deficiencies and other related RF problems.  You are in good hands when you work with us on system integrations.  Please refer company profiles for list of projects rendered.

As of October, 2011, we have established onsite HPA service center in S. Korea.  Click here for Technical Support Network information.


RMA - Repair and Warranty Services top - home

You have reached the Online RMA Services Center for Satwave Technologies, Inc. For faster and prompt request for your return and repair services, we invite you to use our form submission. To do so, please take the time to accurately fill out the requested information by clicking the link

Cick "HERE" to visit our online RMA/Repair and Warranty Services Center. You can find information to contact us with RMA requests via standard channels or you can use our handy online RMA Form.

Go to the STi Online RMA Center



Office Network Solutions top - home

Wireless LAN/WAN Solutions
We can visit your company to setup complete Local Area Networks to share your expensive printers, scanners, and other devices. 

Low cost file sharing methods.
Sharing data is easy too! We are experts at implementing Peer-Peer, and Client-Server connectivity to meet your need without exceeding your budget. We also provide complete wiring work and software configuration with minimal down time (utilizing off hours whenever possible).

Please contact us to discuss your detail needs. We guarantee our solutions to be the BEST








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